Mission Statement and Philosophy

Mission Statement

The MaST Community Charter School Athletic Program will create a pathway for physical, mental, and emotional growth and development for students through learning experiences integrated with the required curricular program including (but not limited to) math, science, and technology that are conducted outside the classroom. Through the offerings of a variety of athletic opportunities, students, teachers, coaches, families, and community members will be brought together to create an environment that develops attributes such as hard work, loyalty, cooperation, fair play, and sportsmanship while promoting the values and benefits of physical fitness throughout their lifetime.

Athletic Philosophy

Participation in interscholastic activities offers students significant lifetime learning experiences that cannot be duplicated in any other instructional setting. It is with this idea in mind that the MaST Community Charter School offers and facilitates a variety of athletic opportunities to further promote student learning outside the classroom. With the overall goal of student-athletes becoming more effective citizens in a democratic society, our athletic philosophy focuses on five key objectives for our students:

1) To work with others, students will develop self-discipline, respect for authority, and the spirit of hard work and sacrifice, while prioritizing the team and its objectives over personal desires.

2) To be successful, students will learn that living in a very competitive society, we do not always win, but we succeed when we continually strive to do so and develop a desire to excel.

3) To develop sportsmanship, students will learn to treat others as they would want to be treated regardless of winning or losing. The students will develop desirable social traits including emotional control, honesty, cooperation, and dependability.

4) To continually improve citizenship, students will enhance the required skills and knowledge, along with those personal traits, that are necessary for team success.

5) To develop desirable personal health habits, students will obtain a high degree of physical fitness through exercise and good health habits and develop the desire to maintain this level of physical fitness after formal competition has been completed.

We also believe that athletic competition adds to school spirit and helps students, teachers, coaches, families, and community members have pride in their school. Additionally, the interscholastic competition we promote at MaST allows our students to travel to nearby schools and further educates them on surrounding communities and institutions within the Philadelphia metropolitan area. It is with these ideas and objectives in mind that the MaST Community Charter School Athletic Program works towards its mission.